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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Cynthia »

Nestor wrote:Well, I hapened here by accident. I see this forum is open for business.

I really had not expected to see my name used as much as I see it has been used.

I guess from the comments that I am reading you-all realize that I call it like I see it. And, you are clearly reading my posts on AT. I had wondered if you were and if you had seen my posts.

By the way, I differ with you-all on Linda and how you see her. :) :) I gotta get that in. :) :)

Anyway, I shall continue on calling it as I see it and think it appropriate. We shall see how long I last.

Gregory Matthews

Smile, you will last as long as you continue to abide by the rules here. Having a different view or opinion doesn't violate any of those as you already know... ;)

In regard to the other posts here: I appreciate the efforts to set the record straight. Bob and Co, may never accept what's said, or see the logic, nor reply with evidence or proof as asked, but they are a minority who make no sense to me most times, there are many others who read here who are able to both see and hear clearly. I am glad for that...

~ Cindy
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Stan »

in looking over the list..... (there are so non real issues)

How's this
Tithe is RARELY used for evangelism or to pay Missionaries.
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Lilly »

Bob--Truth gave you a challenge, are you going to prove your lies are true or are you going to run like a scared rabbit? We are waiting to hear what evidence you have that 3ABN paid a million dollars to the IRS. Come on, don't be scared. We are still waiting. It is now down to the line. If we don't hear from you about this, we will know without a doubt that your IRS accusations are nothing but hot aired lies.

And all the other accusations are also not worth more than a pile of sand.
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Truth »


You seem to put a lot of stock in sources. Biblically speaking, if you hide behind these gossipers, as that's all they are....You are no better than they are ....and you should remember God hates the sin of gossiping! If you spread hearsay, then you too are a gossiper! Bob, you can't get around have forsaken all counsel from scripture to justify your hatred for DS, 3ABN and the 3 Angels messages they are proclaiming to a lost and dying world! No organization in the history of the SDA church reaches the multitudes like 3ABN does. 3ABN's potential audience is between 1,000,000,000 and 2,000,000,000...yes BILLION. Satan is angry and he uses people on the inside as well as outside the SDA church to try to do damage to those proclaiming the true 3 Angels messages to the world. 2nd Corinthians 13:8 says, We can do nothing against the truth but for the truth"!

Bob, you and your little group have spent nearly 8 yrs of your life trying to discredit DS and 3ABN..and to what avail? Did you know that church leaders are more supportive now than they were eight years ago when you and Gailon started your personal war against them? The question could be asked as to why your negative campaign, all your years in court, and thousands of hours trying to dig up dirt...and thousands of hours writing on the Internet...thousand of dollars spent..(by the way, it hasn't gone unoticed by anyone that you are concealing your donors, rather than being an open book as you say others should be).... has backfired on you!….So has the fact that you have avoided, for years, addressing the fact that your wife left you. You want to publicize any shred of gossip that you hear on others but hide everything that is going on in your own life.

All you and Gailon have made clear to Church leaders and the public is that you two guys are enemies of the Church and truth! Why? Because you turn on anyone who doesn't agree with your ideas of how the church should be governed? Why would Ted W, Dan J, Ken D, other Union and Conf. Presidents believe anything you say about DS and 3ABN when you have also named called and told untruths about them also? Yes, you may even think your telling the truth..but it seems that your conscience has been seared! People aren't stupid Bob. In 8 years you have yet to make public any good you have heard about the ministry and the employees there. If that isn't one sided and unchristian I don't know what is. If you were to say something good you would say you needed to verify it as a fact, when all the slander you have indulged in you make public and say "unknown sources".

Bob, no thinking person will build a case on un-named sources and expect to win...You have cried an un-named source for the alleged tax pay-off. But everyone down deep, even on this site, knows that you do not protect any source if you think it will give you an advantage in your war against 3ABN!

You are the one denying 3ABN's claim there was no pay off...the burden of proof is on you..... un-named sources will not help you win a smear campaign in the pews!

Now, let me give you a hint as to how to find out if there was a payoff... Bob, take all the information released by 3ABN on their website and on their programs by Pastor Jim G. and written statements by 3ABN attorneys claiming that 3ABN did not pay "one penny" to the IRS. Here's another hint: If all of the above are concocted lies by 3ABN, I'm sure action will be taken by the IRS. Also, if Simpson and Duffy, who wrote the letter, are lying....maybe you could get their law license revoked!

Bob, you have not been effective in your smear campaign because the public, and church leaders see that you are willing to turn on anyone who disagrees with you to the point of spreading gossip and lies!
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Truth »

Folks, you can see right here that Bob is lying and has all along.

Bob said: But let's not spin things the Danny Shelton way. Paying the IRS more than $1 million and then saying that the IRS never publicly ruled could deceive folks, especially if folks don't know that the IRS is prohibited by federal statute of even disclosing that someone or some folk connected with 3ABN paid the IRS off. ... 6g506ggsv6

Then Bob said the opposite: To my knowledge I never said 3ABN paid a million dollars. In my statements I tried to be careful and state only what our sources said, and nothing more ... 6g506ggsv6

Are all of his followers going to continue to believe what he says when it has been proven he does not tell the truth?
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Re: IRS exonerated 3ABN

Post by Truth »

Bob, you know 3ABN has nothing to hide and you know it. Answer these questions, show clearly your evidence on how you supposedly know the IRS investigation isn't over. Show clearly your evidence that 3ABN paid a single penny to the IRS and man, give your sources name.

She says, he says, my source says, my sources say means nothing.
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