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Re: AT thread "3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation"

Post by Penny »

steffan wrote:And Shiny Penny had this to say, many months later.
Taken from: ... 308&st=270
Steffan - for the sake of those who don't understand accounting, let me reiterate once again what I was saying in those old posts of mine that you referenced here.

3ABN's accounting department made some mistakes in recording some transactions around 1999-2000. The errors were discovered and the appropriate corrections/adjustments made and reported in the 2001 990. Fran comes along and reads the 2001 corrections and misinterprets the corrections as being proof that 3ABN is fraught with wrongdoing.

Her conclusions were diametrically opposed to the evidence!

Pickle and Joy were so bent on their devious ways that they believed what Fran "reported" without digging further and asking her pertinent questions about her analysis. I can only assume that anyone else falling for her interpretations didn't understand enough about bookkeeping to have a clue what she was talking about.

Fran - whoever she is - knows a little about accounting, but clearly needed to learn a bit more about critical analysis. However, if her intent was to mislead, I have to give her credit for doing so.
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Re: AT thread "3ABN exonerated by IRS investigation"

Post by steffan »

Thank you, Penny, for the clarifying remarks. I dug into the 3abndefended yahoo site for an accounting of the IRS investigation.

Readers - you may contact 3ABN for yourself to verify this.

Taken from :
sam11584 posted on July 22, 2008 at 3:28 AM
I spoke to Jim G myself about all of this and it is really very
simple. The IRS contacted the 3abn attorneys that were handling the
situation. They ask if 3abn wanted their files destroyed or given
back to them. The attorney ask "Does this mean the investigation is
over"? That particular agent said I do not have the power to answer
you officially but since we are destroying all the records what do
you think? I am not giving an exact quote just the basic exchange
that took place. The agent then said the official answer would have
to come from the AG but it would be a few days before he was
available. In the interim, the attorney let 3abn know the news and
3abn requested that he try and get an "official" letter from the AG.
Within a few days the 3abn attorney was told by the AG office that
the investigation was over and they did not find one infraction, but,
it was not their practice to produce "official" letters of clearance.
3abn attorneys explained that because the investigation was made
public they needed to be able to get the good news out. They were
told they could talk about it and inform those that needed to know
but the IRS would PROBABLY not produce a letter.

So it was with official word from the AG's office that 3abn knew the
investigation was closed and there were no penalities of any kind.

The "other side" can twist, turn and spin however they wish but any
person that retains even a little common sense knows if the AG's
office says it's over, then it's over.

The 3abn attorney was also told that anyone that had submitted
records against 3abn would also be given the choice to have the
records back or have them destroyed. Exactly why I believe Franny
knows it's over and Joy also.

Jim G. says many are rejoicing that truth has finally won and all
claims of financial wrong doing have been shown to be false. Mr.
Pickle can beat a dead horse all he wants to but all of his repeated
claims of private inurement and horses and yada yada were looked at
and dismissed. Of course Mr. Pickle will continue to believe he knows
more than the IRS and so will Fran but the rest of us know better.
The public also knows all the other claims against Danny and 3abn
have no more merit than the financial allegations and if all the
phone calls are any indication...Mr. Pickle and Mr. Joy are fighting
a losing battle. What little credibility they had, if any, was
destroyed along with the IRS records.

Let's consider who is still hanging on to the rumors and allegations.
An ex son in law, Daryl M, an ex wife, Louetta W., Johann, Linda's
best friend, SSOM Lynda W. also Linda's good friend, Sister Kris, who
reportedly caused more grief in a year at the T'ville church than
most people do in a lifetime and reportedly went around
interviewing "enemies" of Danny/3abn to write her little stories and
then of course Linda's representatives by the name of Joy and Pickle.

Of the above mentioned people we have a convicted embezzler that has
been known to cause trouble for other organizations. He claims to be
a reporter. He is not. He claimed to be a financial counselor but
took bankruptcy. Then we have one woman that just recently got off of
probation, one dead beat dad that owes 20,000 + in child support,
one "ex employee" who had everyone thinking he was "in the know" by
saying he had worked at 3abn but, failed to mention that was over 20
years ago and in actuality knew absolutely nothing about the present
day 3abn. We have a guy who basically allowed himself to be used as a
pawn but over time has become delusional and obsessed with everything
3abn to the point of losing all reasoning abilities. We have someone
who actually believes that Danny/3abn personal are stealing her
identity, hacking her computer files and setting off her motion
sensor lights. I don't think I need to comment any further on that

I will say the group is original and has tried every trick in the
book to defame,and demoralize those that are involved with 3abn. I
have been told there have even been harrassing emails, phone calls,
letters, threats and everything else one can think of, aimed at 3abn
personel, leadership, the Shelton Family and even a few board
members. I am told by those in leadership that this kind of crude and
unchristian behaviour will no longer be tolerated. There are ways of
tracing this kind of harrassment and when those responsible have been
identified, the police in the area of the guilty person will be
notified and action will be taken.

So, it seems, that all the while the "other side" has been trying to
accuse Danny/3abn of threats and unchristian tactics, they were
actually the busy little bees that were trying to intimidate, scare
and silence the truth tellers. They have used every means available
but when will the face the fact they are wrong. Whether they
participated in this campaign out of their own revenge or whether
they were mislead and misinformed, the time has come to stop this.
Your group has dwindled to a handful. Those that had big stories to
tell have ran, knowing they cannot prove their allegations. The IRS
has exposed the faulty premises of all the "financial" accusers. Even
Linda is trying to distance herself from what started out to be
her "heroes".

Please, accept it. God is in control and has overpowered Satan's
efforts once again. He is faithful!
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New lies? Same ole lies...

Post by Lilly »

For several years tinka, pickle and others have yelled loudly that those who give to 3ABN are just lining Danny Shelton's pockets and that he is taking money donations for his personal use. They seem to love the horse emoticon to somehow prove their point. But they have no documentation for this horrible accusation they've felt free to make in a public place. What ever happened to "do unto others as you would like done to you?"


If you don't believe it, why don't you take the time to check out those who Audit 3ABN and ask them. But just in case you don't have the time, here is a quote from Danny Shelton concerning audits from Club Adventist Forum. ... Post121286

Re: How much does it cost for the firm to audit 3ABN? [Re: Stan Jensen]
Danny Shelton Danny Shelton

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Loc: Illinois, USA At present I do not know what it cost to have our outside audits done each year.
I do think responsible organizations should have outside audits as these firms don't get paid for doing what you tell them. You pay them regardless of their findings and I think that is the way it should be.
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Re: New lies? Same ole lies...

Post by Lilly »

I can hear you sputtering...but...but...what about donors paying for the huge lawsuit with all those lawyers. At same web link listed in last post above. To clarify, this donor paid for most of the lawsuit but not all. At the very end of the lawsuit (speaking of time period), 3ABN had to cover a very small amount.

Donor funds and lawsuits [Re: Stan Jensen]
Danny Shelton Danny Shelton

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Loc: Illinois, USA That is true. We have a donor who has been donating funds for some time for the purpose of legal bills incurred whether lawsuit or not. He is not taking a tax donation for these donations.
He and his family believe in 3ABN and the decisions we have made. They like our 3ABN Board have decided that people who are accusing myself and the 3ABN board of gross misconduct and out right crimes need to be held accountable.
We have filed a lawsuit against two individuals in particular to begin with.
I won't say anymore on that subject right now.
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Re: New lies? Same ole lies...

Post by Lilly »

Same link as above. Fran and others on AdventTalk still say the IRS is currently still after 3ABN. Even when proof has been given them, they continue their blind lies. A letter was written by 3ABN attorney that showed the IRS investigation was completed. Others also wrote letters saying it was completed and 3ABN totally exonerated. I'll bet the IRS wasn't too happy with the persons who turned 3ABN in to them with their supposed evidence that was FALSE as usual. Again this shows Danny is not taking any donations for his personal use.

But here is another comment made on Club Adventist that again shows these gossips don't know anything.

Danny Shelton
Getting the hang of posting

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Loc: Illinois, USA Both 3ABN and me were investigated by the IRS. I now understand that the investigation took approx. 10-12 months.

Yes, there were numerous allegations by several people on different forums which call themselves SDA (that's another subject I won't go into today) of financial mis management of 3ABN and myself personally. They have accused me of personal inurement and on and on.

After nearly a year of investigation and over 100,000 pages of documents supplied to the IRS by 3ABN, outside auditors, my publishers,my personal accountants and auditors, dating back over the last six years, the case has now been closed with the IRS!

Not one infraction by 3ABN or me personally was named. The IRS has destroyed all the documents. I only know this as our attorneys received a call from the IRS agent involved wanting to know if we wanted all the documents back or if we wanted the IRS to destroy them. We asked them to destroy the records.

I want to add that we were not asked by the IRS to pay any renumeration whatsoever.

I'm told by my attorneys that the IRS agents involved were very professional, and very courteous. My attorney told me from the outset that he believed that we would come out clean in this investigation as he and his colleagues had unturned every stone looking for a troubled spot in our finances and couldn't find any. After he met the IRS agent he commented to me that he believed her to be a person of integrity simply looking for truth.

This outcome was a great victory for 3ABN as the little mostly SDA forum group led by at least two people that Stan alluded to, were constantly claiming and spreading the news that they had proof of financial wrong doing by myself and 3ABN. I find it interesting that Sister White makes a statment that we have more to fear from within than from without!

Also interesting is the fact that even though, 3ABN has been cleared of wrong doing and the IRS has destroyed all of the 100,000 plus documents, this same little group still claims wrong financial doing by myself and 3ABN. What at first looked like a bad thing to be investigated by the IRS, now is clearly a real blessing! All of the accusers have been proven false accusers by the highest financial authority in the land!

When people have an agenda of pride, holding a grudge, selfishness, etc.,they will never see the truth as it is blinded by their motives!

Thanks to all of you who pray and financially support 3ABN, we continue, by God's grace, to herald the 3 Angels messages to the world!
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Post by Cynthia »

Thank you for copying Danny Shelton's posts about this onto our forum Lilly. :)
~ Cindy
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Public Confession

Post by proffaberf451 »

Edited . . . because you can't argue with the devil.
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Truth »

You seem to want to challenge anyone when they accuse you of being a dishonest liar under the control of Satan. I now am exposing what a liar you are and can’t wait to hear what lie you will try to come up with to cover your tracks!

I just read where you make the claim 3ABN paid the IRS One million dollars. I dare you to prove this lie! You or no one on earth can prove that lie! First of all you say that the IRS, cannot by law, report on a payoff….If this is true…then how do you know they were paid off!!!! Your jealousy for DS and 3ABN blinds your rational thinking!

You all keep commenting about how you can’t understand why Elder Ted Wilson and Dan Jackson and other leaders like Mark Finley and even Brad Thorpe your hero from Hope Channel would do programs with DS…. Gregory gets it…..the rest of you do not have a clue…..You have damaged your own credibility time and time again until there is none of the above SDA leaders and many more around the world who will ever believe anything you say….Why? Because of all of your outrageous claims! You have turned on Mark Finley in the past because he supported DS instead of Ls.. You have accused Elder Ken Denslow of so many things that you have whole threads devoted to him. Think about it Bob…why would Mark F. or Ken D. believe anything that you say about DS when they know you and AT have lied about them!! Mark and Walt T. have been close friends and have done missionary work around the world together as far back as 25 yrs ago. Mark knows and trusts Dr. Walt…So when you make outrageous claims against him…you only hurt your own credibility!! As Greg mentioned…AT lied about CUC by making an outrageous accusation against them. You should pick your battles wisely….but you have not. Let me give you an example of claims that totally discredit you….

The DNA test of DS, BS, and daughter. Lorraine D. chose the company to test the DNA. She administered the DNA….she mailed the DNA…..
Two test were done and two test results came back. One test proved 100% that DS was not the Father of the girl tested and the DNA samples of the same test Also proved that BS WAS the mother of the girl tested. BS only has two daughters one is 6yrs older than the other. Lorraine D. claims the little girl tested was small enough that DS held her during the test…which made LD later claim that maybe it was a substitute girl…problem is the girl tested 100% by the DNA company to be BS’s daughter.. the only other daughter was appr. 15 yrs old at the time!

Yet because of your hatred for DS and 3ABN AT still claims that the test are inaccurate….And you wonder why you don’t have credibility? This DNA test was one of the biggest factors of some SDA leaders totally separating themselves from BP and GJ and anything printed by AT!! Why? Because it showed that it doesn’t matter what the truth is…BP, GJ and AT will print the lie anyway!

The opposite side of the coin is that SDA leadership has seen the work of 3ABN around the world and the tremendous growth of the SDA church because of 3ABN…How many souls have been baptized into the SDA church because of the SDA National Enquire, AT? The answer is “0”…ZERO.

I could go on and on with examples of lies told by Johann, Westphal’s ex , Lynette Rhodes, Kris Fiscalini, and others that have cost AT any credibility they may have had in the beginning…Now this site is referred to mainline SDA’s as the “Nutcase” sight!

People believe that you are nutty…and so do I!

One of the best examples of why SDA leadership does not listen to anything BP, GJ or AT says about DS and 3ABN is the IRS investigation! Had anything illegal been done by DS and 3ABN they would have had to pay money to the IRS. They did not! And any thinking person knows that if DS had been receiving illegal kickbacks on royalties that the IRS would have nailed him! He never was charged with any wrong doing and in fact never paid one cent to the IRS….All of DS’s personal records were found to be clean…100%!! All of 3abn’s 100,000 pages of documents submitted to the IRS were found to be clean!!! They never paid the IRS one cent…either because of wrong doing or a payoff as Bob now claims!

These continued claims are so outrageous that surely you do not expect SDA leaders to believe them…it only makes you Bob and any of your little group of followers appear to be haters of the Three Angels messages as your intention seems to be to stop the truth from going to the world!!

These world leaders know Bob that you and Gailon will turn on them in a minute and do them the same way if they don’t agree with your absurd beliefs!

Gregory will get what is written here…you and the rest of AT will not!

The old saying Pickle is…”put up or shut up”. God hates gossiping and even says a gossiper cannot go to heaven….All you have said in the past is “someone said or someone thinks 3ABN paid off the IRS….At first you admitted that this was just conjecture….now you are claiming this as a fact….This is still a lie anyway you cut it.

I’m sure you won’t want to tackle this challenge with fact…because there is none!

Also was just wondering how long it’s been since your wife and family cut and run? (left you).

I doubt you will answer this… but a "no" answer is answer enough. Your hatred has made you a lonely man.

Here’s another lie by Linda Shelton found on her web page….She says that Dan Jackson officially endorsed her ministry… Dan Jackson was asked about this statement by LS at ASI this week and he said there was no truth in that statement at all! Elder Jackson said he did NOT endorse LS. He said he only met her briefly in the hall at GC at request from Sandra.
Would any of you like to know the truth? Did Elder Jackson endorse LS…or did he NOT endorse LS?

For self proclaimed reporters BP and GJ this should be an easy task to see if LS is lying on her web site…or this reporter who is accusing LS of lying again,
All you have to do Bob is write Elder Jackson a note asking him if he has endorsed LS ministries….Please do as he has said that he will deny that he endorsed LS in any way whatsoever!!!! And when he does deny endorsing her will that be AT’s que to attack Elder Jackson also?

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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Truth »

I noticed you haven't answered my "challenge" to prove some of your lies...(IRS payoff). Gregory tried to tell you why no GC or church leaders will take seriously anything you say about DS, 3ABN, Ken Denslow, Mark Finley, Dr. Walt, or even your views on women's ordination. Your hatred and pride blind any objective opinion you may give about anyone you don't like or disagree with!

Bob, you seem to view yourself as someone who stands up for truth...right? You claim the only reason you have spent the last 6-7 years of your life fighting DS and 3ABN is because , you say, so much "bad" stuff goes on at 3ABN that you are trying to get the word out so people will know the truth....right? You believe that DS and the board should repent or the whole 3ABN Board should dismantle and give the reins to others....maybe honest folk like, Gailon Joy (convicted Felon), LS, Arild, (LS's boyfriend for almost 9 nine yrs. and now live in companion... You do the math..DS and LS have only been divorced just over 8 yrs.) And lastly Bob, it appears you see yourself setting in Jim Gilley's chair!

So now Bob are you going to spend the next 10 yrs of your life exposing alleged wrongs (according to Pickle) within the church? You have made a huge deal about 3ABN hiring a non SDA attorney to lead their lawsuit case..Right? Are you going to do the same battle against the Church because:

1. They use Catholic attorneys as some of their leading attorneys..the Church has used and still uses many non SDA attorneys!

2. Womens ordination an unbiblical practice according to you, only seems a matter of time before it is voted as a worldwide practice.

3. They have ministers in the Church who do not endorse Ellen White as a prophet of God?

4. There are Professors in the Seminaries who do not believe in the 6 literal day creation week?

5. That when a sex scandal occurs, many times instead of the Pastor being fired, he is simply transferred to another position in the Church?

6. That on occasions tithe is used for purposes other than Evangelism?

7. That SDA churches are allowed by leadership to bring in Catholic Priests, TD Jakes, and numerous other non SDA speakers?

8. That Spiritual formation is being taught throughout the church?

9. That every year numerous church clerks and accountants are caught in fraudulent practices?

10. That a number of our SDA ministers attend movie theatres, eat meat, gamble, and have affairs?

11. That the church on occasion pays off accusers (settles out of court) for alleged wrong doings?

12. That Glendale and other Churches now have and condone Gay and Lesbian groups?

13. That their are numerous Pastors who are in prison around the world for crimes like theft, and yes even sexual crimes?

Bob, I could go on and on....... My point is this..The church is made up of sinful people, including you! God uses anyone willing to be used...take a look at Jesus's disciples...they had serious problems among them...bad tempers, thiefs, liars, jealously, and yes Bob, even those that were unconverted! Bob, I can even see you and Gailon writing articles about Jesus because He had such bad judgment!

Back to why Church leaders do not listen to you and you little AT group of supporters...because you are so unbalanced in your judgment against DS and 3ABN.

Jesus never told anyone, including you, that exposing peoples alleged sins was more important than soul winning! Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the are a gossiper, a judge, a liar....all the things God says he hates....yet the devil has kept you chasing your tale for nearly 7 yrs doing his business...and you know what's don't even know it!

That's why I asked if you are ready to do battle against the church for the next 7 yrs over factual wrongs in the church. (Not perceived, rumored and assumptive wrongs) If not, why not? Why only battle against DS and 3ABN? It appears that your hatred is ruining your has cost you your family and you don't even seem to care!

One last example, for now, of your mis-statements. You recently told Gregory of an elaborate scheme by DS and LS to buy and sell property, make big money and then deny later that DS and LS get retirement.

Bob, A board member purchased the property with her own money...not a penny came from 3ABN donors...she gave DS and LS a life interest in the value of the property that upon her death DS and LS would both be receivers and well as 3ABN. This is perfectly legal. Your ignorance and hatred block your judgment. She decided that the property should be sold and DS and LS cash out their interest that SHE GAVE THEM...Attorneys drew up the paper work to make sure everything was done legally. There was NO elaborate scheme, nothing dishonest..blah, blah, blah as you have claimed. These documents were given years ago to church leaders when you first made these claims....Everything was legal and in order! Your accusations about an elaborate scheme was shown false to church leaders..such has been done numerous times...especially your IRS claims!

You say Bob, that in 2002 DS claimed he and LS did not receive retirement from 3ABN...This in fact, was and is a true statement Bob.... All church employees have a retirement plan where money from donors is put aside every pay check until they reach the years required to receive the money. 3ABN does NOT have such a plan...I'm really suprised that they do not...This could be a great benefit to retiring workers at 3ABN.

Over the years 3ABN has had numerous GC, Union and Conference officials on their Board of Directors..And still do. These men are witnesses to other church leaders when you tell lies Bob, on 3ABN such as the ones mentioned above.

In a nutshell this is what Gregory has been trying to tell vain!
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Nestor »

Well, I hapened here by accident. I see this forum is open for business.

I really had not expected to see my name used as much as I see it has been used.

I guess from the comments that I am reading you-all realize that I call it like I see it. And, you are clearly reading my posts on AT. I had wondered if you were and if you had seen my posts.

By the way, I differ with you-all on Linda and how you see her. :) :) I gotta get that in. :) :)

Anyway, I shall continue on calling it as I see it and think it appropriate. We shall see how long I last.

Gregory Matthews
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