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Bias on the "other" forum

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:47 pm America/Denver
by Breezy
Their bias is so really obvious. Snoopy is not a fair moderator at all which shows she and those like her on that forum are not interested in truth but ONLY interested in bad-mouthing 3ABN. Shows typical bias by protecting their own posters (some have even used swear words) but if we make an innocent comment standing up for someone, our post is removed.

Here is what was posted by Duane and my reply as Junebug that was REMOVED:

Quote from: ex3abnemployee on Yesterday at 07:36:08 PM

I understand, Snoopy, but it really doesn't bother me at all. I said nothing I can't back up or am ashamed of. 3d apparently can't say the same.

Junebug replies to Duane:

Well, I guess you're right, 3ABN_Defender can't "say the same" since he has been banned!!

Isn't this interesting though? They would rather Duane's rude remark stand against 3ABN_Defender rather than let everyone know he couldn't reply because he was banned. THAT shows TYPICAL BIAS and DISGUSTING MODERATING.

Re: Bias on the "other" forum

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:23 pm America/Denver
by Penny
Breezy - your point about their NOT being interested in the truth is well founded. I had to laugh when I read Johann's latest post,1777.msg22377.html#msg22377 (#8), a quote from Charles Dickens:

"Now, what I want is Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. . . . Stick to Facts, sir!" -- Charles Dickens in Hard Times. (1812-1870)

As I see it, the crew over on the other site, which is the epitome of smut and worse, is only interested in those parts of the truth that are convenient to and supportive of their points of view. The rest of the truth is conveniently dismissed.

Re: Bias on the "other" forum

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:10 pm America/Denver
by Pat Williams
I had to laugh at that also, Penny.

I also appreciate your attempt to clarify things, Breezy, but as we both know that never goes over well there.

What happened was that I received some pms from Mr Clem which I answered and he kept bringing up in them that he thought I was a coward etc for not answering him publicly. I didn't and still don't understand why he thinks that, as I have posted to and about him on the forum, and it was he who approached me privately; but anyway, the next thing I knew he brought it all up publicly and posted that he thought something was afoot because he had received a barrage of PMs from me.

I was somewhat surprised by him describing my replies to him that way, and I also was concerned that maybe his post might cause unnecessary questions or concerns in those reading it, so I told him I was perfectly willing to quote all and let all know what was said by both of us, to clarify that. I asked him if he wanted me to do that, and if so to let me know. I thought he posted his ok, so I figured our private discussions were no longer private as we both agreed to post them and make them public. I started a new thread and quoted them all, and he came along and waved and replied, so I further figured that was that, and all was ok.

But apparently Snoopy had a problem with that,and what was said, and decided that members there don't get to decide what to make public amongst themselves because she publicly chastised me in her big red letters with her administrator hat on, and then deleted all the posts, and banned me for posting private PMs.

That is typical from her, but Duane Clem's reply to her (the one you replied to) I believe is deceitful and misleading and deserves some comment. He knows perfectly well that isn't true, or should, but he took full advantage of Snoopy's censorship to promote the idea that I hadn't replied because I couldn't back up anything I said and was ashamed. He should be ashamed.

I made a pdf file of the entire thread right before Snoopy deleted it and banned me, so I am sure the 48 people who that shows had already viewed it, and the 9 including myself who were on that thread and viewing it when she did so know better, and understand perfectly well what she and then Mr Clem did.

That forum continually embarrasses themselves and the other administrators of it should know by now that Snoopy's moderating is no asset for them, and in fact is detrimental and makes them look worse than they already are.

It's that give them enough rope and they hang themselves scenario imo. ;)
I wish they would stop doing that, it is really not at all pleasant to watch or see.


Re: Bias on the "other" forum

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:01 pm America/Denver
by steffan
Once Duane, (is he really a youth church pastor here ? And how will his parishioners react when they see the kind of c__p he posts on [NOT}adventtalk?) referred to your PMs as a "barrage" he really opened the way to prove that the "barrage" was really replies being sent to his "barrage" of PMs.

I, for one, am all for posting the PDF here so that people who wonder can actually see what the c__p (their own words) gang is up to.

And, I have grave reservations about someone with his nasty disposition being a youth pastor.

Artiste censures my post on AT

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:39 pm America/Denver
by Breezy
My post at AT in big red letters says: Inappropriate content....over on AT. There was NOTHING in my post that was inappropriate. I imagine Artiste had a hard time trying to find something (anything anything...) to censure just because I'm against Pickle and what he says and does. I would have thought Artiste was smarter than this being a medical doctor.

Below is my post. What she took off as "inappropriate" was the very last paragraph.

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Re: Motion re: MidCountry Bank records
« Reply #52 on: Today at 03:13:50 PM » Quote Modify


So now you can read people's minds Pickle? How could you possibly know "they" were trying to keep you from getting any more information. I really have my doubts about that scenario.

The Remnant ministries materials were NOT damaging. You have offered no proof for this statement and so it would be better not to even say it. Otherwise, bring forth your proof.

I'd like to think that people work hard all week and like to enjoy quiet evenings with their families? Why should they continue to try to dig up information for you when they have done nothing wrong? It is a waste of their time and waste of time for the Judges and Courts.

I don't know but how are your children doing? Do they need to spend some extra quality time with their father? It might be nice for a change. One of these days they will be gone and you might have a lot of regrets.

Re: Artiste censures my post on AT

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:15 pm America/Denver
by Breezy
I may as well post my last post over on AT that I just posted. Artiste or someone will most likely take part of it out and put in BIG RED LETTERS: INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT. Thought I'd beat them to the punchline....and post what I said over here. I normally don't go back on my word when I say I'm leaving but something was brought to my attention and I felt I should say something.

Notice that Pickle made a huge deal about Danny's earnings in July of 2006. TWO YEARS AFTER the divorce. So now this begs the question: SO WHAT? Linda doesn't get anything of Danny's AFTER the divorce. What he makes is his own business. So who cares what Danny makes after the summer of 2004. This shows how Pickle twists things--he honestly thinks LS should get some big bucks AFTER the divorce. Oh, and DS had no "half a million" he didn't "disclose."

Pickle--you are making a REAL name for yourself among SDA's.

Okay, here is my post referencing the July 2006 post by Pickle. Oh btw, what Johann said was so rude--and that by someone who claims to be a retired SDA Pastor. How representative he is of his religion...NOT. Not very becoming for a Pastor. But no worries Johann, your every word is copied and saved in the books the Angels write in, in Heaven.


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Re: Motion re: MidCountry Bank records
« Reply #80 on: Today at 09:31:42 AM » Quote Modify

Quote from: Bob Pickle on February 07, 2010, 10:12:49 AM
Quote from: Junebug on February 05, 2010, 03:13:50 PM
The Remnant ministries materials were NOT damaging. You have offered no proof for this statement and so it would be better not to even say it. Otherwise, bring forth your proof.

Pickle speaking:
Gladly. Just get me a signed statement by Danny and 3ABN saying that they relinquish their alleged confidentiality designation of the Remnant documents, and I'll be happy to.

But I highly doubt they want the truth out in the light. They would much rather keep everything hidden.

But let me ask you, since it is indisputable that Danny failed to report that Remnant income on his July 2006 financial affidavit, would you proclaim that your husband had done nothing wrong if he had refused to disclose perhaps half a million dollars in income in divorce related proceedings? In other words, if you and your husband were getting a divorce, and he was trying to hide assets from you so that you couldn't get your fair share, how would you feel?

And if he then sued those who were exposing his perfidy in order to cover it all up, how would you feel? And how would you feel when others trashed you for complaining about his perfidy?

Junebug speaking:
Johann, for being a retired Pastor, what you said above was really not very representative.

I'm only replying here to point this DATE of July 2006. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE. 2006 is TWO YEARS after the divorce. It doesn't matter what DS made because LS does not get ANY of it. So continue to snoop into the lives of these people and proceed to make it public--no one cares.

No Pickle, I'm not running away or refusing to answer your questions. You REFUSE to put on your glasses and see the TRUTH. You are a hopeless case of obsession.

Re: Artiste censures my post on AT

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:07 pm America/Denver
by Penny
They are deleting so much of the postings over on the other site, any chance that the posters can also post here what they've posted over at AT?

Re: Artiste censures my post on AT

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:24 pm America/Denver
by Truth
I agree Penny. I will post here what anyman said in which the whole post was removed by Snoopy. In big red letters was "Inappropriate content" with a red lettered warning. But is it any worse than some of the horrifying unfounded accusations by others on there? Of course not. Their bias is so blatent.

Below is his post
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Re: Motion re: MidCountry Bank records
« Reply #86 on: February 09, 2010, 07:33:24 PM »

Quote from: Artiste on February 09, 2010, 01:33:24 PM
Quote from: Junebug on February 09, 2010, 09:31:42 AM
Johann, for being a retired Pastor, what you said above was really not very representative.

Junebug, Pastor Johann has spent 50 years of ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist church in seven different countries; he has the perspective to make valid observations about what he observed going on at 3ABN while he was there.

Edited to remove inappropriate content. You need to watch yourself, anyman.

Below is what was removed:

"It only takes a spark to get a fire going . . . and a second switch sides . . . his fruits very well could have gone bad."

Re: Artiste censures my post on AT

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:41 pm America/Denver
by Truth
Below is what was censured by Artiste for 3ABN_Defender. This was 3ABN_Defenders reply #88 at AT.

Who is "he" here? Danny Shelton?

No. I am sorry "he" is you, Johann. They kept telling you it was about 3ABN and God's ministry, and doing the right thing but you kept making it all about Linda, and how Danny was wrong and how Linda had been wronged, so had to believe they were lying and it was really all about Danny as far as they were concerned, in order to keep justifying yourself and your view.

Instead of the post above in blue, Artiste put in RED LETTERS after removing 3ABN_Defender's post:




It appears that some are not aware of the administrative position that Johann holds at the Advent Talk site. Please show appropriate respect to that position. Failure to do so may affect your further posting privileges at Advent Talk.


My comment about this: What is interesting is that they demand supposed "respect" for Johann but he himself can be disrespectful all he wants towards others in what he writes, thereby not representing the SDA Church as he should, since he is a retired SDA minister. It's like DO WHAT WE SAY but NOT WHAT WE DO. Just great eh?

"Inappropriate" Adventtalk Deletions

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 5:20 am America/Denver
by Cynthia
It is quite common to see our posts edited on Adventtalk and to have what we say either partially deleted or completely deleted. Most often the reason given by the various Administrators (ie; Lynette *Snoopy* Rhodes, Louetta "*Artiste* Westphal, Darrell *George* Mundall, Lynda *Sonshineonme* Walcker, Johann Thorvaldsson, or even Bob Pickle, etc) is: "Inappropriate Material Removed" which gives the impression to others that we have done or said something wrong. But what most of us have discovered is that much of it is just silly, and in the majority of instances there is no rule violation and nothing wrong with what was posted except that they simply didn't agree with or like what was said and don't want others to read it. Trying to go to the Administrators and discuss and resolve anything privately on their forum or by email as they ask is a fruitless exercise for the most part as we all know having tried that over and over again.

So By Request- This thread is specifically for all those adventtalk posts which were censored. One place to re-post either your or anothers unedited post and include the material which they deleted so all can see for themselves and decide what is, and is not, appropriate, and decide for themselves whether the ATalk admin are being fair or biased, and if Adventtalk can be depended on or trusted to tell the whole story.

I will be moving copies of posts already dealing with this topic to this thread also so we can have a ongoing and consecutive record here for those who have questions about what they weren't allowed to read, and why. This topic will be a sticky one, so that anyone reading at Adventtalk and curious about deletions there will know they can come here and easily find and read the unedited version.