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Postby Cynthia » Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:27 am America/Denver

We apologize to both to our members and to our readers who have not been able to gain access to this forum over the past week or so. You may have tried to gain access here and had a page come up saying: "The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable." and noticed that the URL to that page said: "" We have had several incidents where our Host disabled the site we are parked on for "TOS violations"

It is apparent that those on Adventtalk --not being content with trying to censor, delete, and edit what we try to explain or say while posting on adventtalk in defense of 3ABN and good folks, and not being content with making rules forbidding references to our forum name, or with making rules banning any links to this forum or to posts here-- are now trying to get our forum closed down.

Contrary to the rumors and false accusations being made on, these closures were NOT due to porn being posted here. We have never allowed porn to be posted here, or allowed links to such. Early on when we first opened our forum we allowed anyone to register or post without permission, but due to this we had an increasing amount of spammers joining and posting here. One morning I had to delete ONE very inappropriate post by a newly registered member which contained sexual references. It was NOT porn, and it was also not here very long before being deleted. Due to that post and not wanting our members or readers to be offended, we decided to change our forum policy, and now require approval for all registrations. (Later, due to multiple violations of our forum rules by new members in their first posts, we also started requiring approval of posts by new members, until it could be determined that the member did not require moderation, and demonstrated that they understood the rules.)

We never established whether the ONE offensive post was posted by a unknown spammer, or by a troublemaker from within the group accusing 3ABN, who's home is on adventtalk. What we do know from their posts is that many of the latter apparently saw it in the short amount of time it was here in that early morning hour. For they immediately, starting with one adventtalk moderator, began to falsely and repeatedly label me a "porn queen", and call this forum "a porn site" and a"smut site"" Now the 3ABN accusers commonly and frequently refer to this forum as the "Smut Site" --so frequently that even their newest members call us that and appear to think we allow porn and smut. Even their forum administrators, Daryl Fawcett and then Johann Thorvaldsson posted that we were a "Smut site" and warned folks to beware of reading here because they might discover porn here. Those false accusations continue to this day. It was just brought up in reference to our recent forum suspension here. It is unfortunate that these folks feel this kind of thing is necessary as that is not honest, and is also in fact slander. They will have to answer for that one day, but even now it reveals to others the characters of the small group accusing the brethren at 3ABN night and day.

It is also revealing that the same forum moderator who first labeled this forum a porn site, on seeing the talk about this forum being suspended and the post surmising that it may have been due to the porn, did not clarify that this was not the case, and it is a shame that she was not forthcoming and did not take accountability about the reasons for our suspension and identify herself as the cause....

Here is what happened. She has been identified by her first and last name here on this forum for years in the posts here, but this was ONLY AFTER her name was first mentioned in a post on their forum (it was not linked with her or her posting id) and only after she posted a reply saying that was her. Next she posted a letter she claimed she had sent to 3ABN. That letter she identified as hers was signed with her first and last name and occupation. After that we began to refer to her by name publicly in posts here. Last week, after all of this time she formally complained about her name being posted here which led to our forum being suspended by Bluehost.

We don't understand this mentality. Why?

1.She, very publicly, in a forum post, identified herself, by name,first.

2.She was first and remains foremost in repeatedly identifying me by my first and last name on their adventtalk forum, as well as in outing any other defender by name that the 3ABN accusers have identified, and even in outing and revealing the names (first and last) of those, who although not defending 3abn have honestly disagreed with the 3ABN accusers about anything. She allows other 3ABN accusers and members of adventtalk such as Bob Pickle to do so as well.

3. But, while she as moderator ( along with the other administrators/moderators) is quick to delete any post which might contain even the slightest hint to the identity of one of their 3ABN accuser group, or anything slightly personal, contradictorily, and freely allows the 3ABN accusing members there to identify anyone trying to defend 3ABN by name or to post personal and private info about any 3abn defender. Information we NEVER revealed about ourselves publicly in forum posts, as she did regarding herself. She allows our pictures to be posted, our churches and locations, and allows even our home addresses and phone numbers to either be posted, handed out, or linked to. (When I complained about Bob Pickle giving out my private address and phone number, as I was getting harassing calls, she replied by publicly asking Pickle if he'd give it to her too...)

4. Paradoxically, she recently , when comments about links to pictures and names and location of the 3ATalk forum owner and his wife were posted on their forum, not only permitted that, but asked "what rule does that violate?" [see quoted: example below]

5. Just yesterday she again posted links on adventtalk identifying the alleged name and contact information of the forum owner here saying : "Within the last few days, I have been able to confirm from an independent third party"... - information she apparently gained due to her own complaints about her name being posted here being made to our Web host.

Most can see this as blatant hypocrisy. It has been my experience that false accusers always tend to accuse others of, or find fault with others for the very things that they themselves do. For example Adventtalk champions free speech and defends their slander, libel and character defamation by calling it "free speech", but then deletes whatever they don't like from us and labeling it "inappropriate" -- again this is just further evidence of the characters of those accusing 3ABN.

We did remove our Accusers last name here and got the forum back up and running last week , but were almost immediately closed down again due to more complaints... We do not know how many more times this may occur but apologize in advance for the inconvenience and frustration this may cause our members and readers. We ask for your patience, and that you consider that the false accusations and tactics used against 3ABN extend to anyone honestly trying to defend 3ABN.

The truth can not be suppressed no matter how hard some may attempt to do so and no matter how they may justify that to themselves or others. The end never justifies the means.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits." We are all known not by what we claim about ourselves, but rather by what we do, or don't do, and by what we say, or don't..."

Rest assured, we will not be silenced, but we do understand it matters when, why , where, and how things are said or revealed, in addition to what is said or revealed. If you have a honest or legit complaint or criticism contact us.(privately please) We may not always agree but we will honestly consider what is shared in as impartial and unbiased manner as we can.

Thanks, and may God Bless.

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from: childoftheking on August 16, 2011, 04:58:25 AM

"****" if the mods would like to remove the last name-place name that is fine with me as I didn't know until recently that that might be a no-no and I didn't see where I could go back in to modify it.

No reply and it's still there, eh?

It's only a "no, no" if it's personal info or commentary about a a 3abn critic, :console: otherwise it's allowed :pals: as all should be able to see by now... ;)

Sir Mizer, given your apptitude for forum management, please advise what specific rule COTK's post violates.
~ Cindy

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Postby Cynthia » Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:38 pm America/Denver

The discussion, which was here, has been moved to the discussion forum:

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~ Cindy

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