Linda Shelton vindication is a lie

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Linda Shelton vindication is a lie

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After reading the usual nonsense that supposed pastor Johann spouts, I asked a friend of mine to follow up with the NAD about this "vindication."
As far as I recall from the accounts I received, Linda was "summonend," including the air fare to come to see the president and a vice president of NAD where they tearfully heard her account, asked her forgiveness that the church had not given her support. Before leaving she was given a "Green card" which gave her free access to any official church function within NAD, including singing and preaching at events like camp meetings.
The NAD has not "vindicated" Linda. She is free to be hired by Dan Matthews, (who has always been very inimical to 3ABN), who obviously did that, and who does not need NAD approval to hire anyone. This does NOT imply any kind of vindication by the NAD. If she has been "vindicated," ask her to post the proof - she has none.

Johann the liar is still at it. Give it up, the real truth is out there, and any vindication Linda Shelton had, disappeared when she moved out of the country to "stay with a dear friend."
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Re: Linda Shelton vindication is a lie

Post by Truth »

Thanks Steffan for checking this out. I got the same info from a second source as well. And in fact the NAD didn't even know Linda was coming to the GC offices. The NAD President said he was in his office when Linda was in the hallway and just showed up at his office door. He only shook hands with her as a kind gesture and that was all. The NAD did not "pay her way" there to see them, nor did the NAD President "summon" her to come there. And no, there was no "vindication" going on.

Amazing how people can blow up their stories to mean other than what it really is. Someone has a real active imagination. Their perception between reality and fantasy seems to be skewed.

Johann or anyone else can go to Dan Jackson and verify this. He said if anyone needed verification, he would be glad to talk to them.

And yes Steffan, you are exactly right--no one is going to stop Linda from working wherever she wants to work.
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