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Postby Truth » Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:48 am America/Denver

Alex, your charges of pedophilia of Danny Shelton is laughable because although you shoot off your mouth, you offer no evidence and expect everyone to trust your word when your word is worthless. Even your own mother said you are a liar and cannot be trusted. And your remarks about Danny being "keenly aware there is evidence of pedophilia against him" does not mean he is a pedophilia. Danny Shelton has nothing to worry about from you Alex because your accusations are entirely false. There is no evidence whatsoever. And any so-called evidence you think you might have you are too scared to show anyone. Even Artiste has to beg for some kind of evidence which you don't have. She is supposed to just "trust your word." Also just to let you know, the so-called "Alyssa letter" Pickle has on his false lying website has been proven by experts to be completely counterfeit. A total fabricated lie to try to injure Danny's reputation.

Won't work and isn't working.

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