Jim Gilley

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Jim Gilley

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Well, well, well...it seems with lack of any other clandestine gossip to share over on Pickle's forum, they have come up with the thought that just perhaps Jim Gilley is leaving 3ABN. After all, there seems to be a "for sale" sign out and his poor lawn needs to be mowed, so they say. Would this make it a time to celebrate?

Let me set everyone's minds at ease. Not only is Jim G. still living in his house, it is not for sale nor does the lawn need mowing. I think Sisters "informer" was playing a cute little joke on her. Let's all laugh together - 1 - 2 - 3 - :lol: :lol: :lol:

So that whole thread is totally useless, including what Pickle threw in just to add to the flavor of the juicy gossip about Danny.

All false. No, I don't need to prove it. Just go visit 3ABN and you'll see what everyone else is seeing--that some people are just plain weird on Pickle's forum and love to find something "bad" under every bush.
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Re: Jim Gilley

Post by Stan »

I would really like to understand why these rumours get started.. Not being sarcastic, am really curious.
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