Linda blatantly lies in her book about Trinity's paternity

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Linda blatantly lies in her book about Trinity's paternity

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In her book, Linda claims that Danny Shelton is Trinity's father, implying that he had an affair with Trinity's mother, Brandy. This is so outrageously slanderous especially since Danny, Trinity, and Brandy all submitted DNA samples for analysis. The DNA sample submission was witnessed by Linda's friend, Dr. Day - who had also posted the results on her web site.

The reports of the DNA analysis are posted here (with prior permission) with the following highlighted points:

1. Danny is NOT the father
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2. Trinity is Brandy's daughter (the DNA test says that maternity cannot be excluded)
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A more detailed explanation of these terms can be found here:

These tests were done and published in 2009! But 7 years later Linda is peddling her lies in her book and now, I am informed, even at meetings where she is invited to speak.

And to have one of her Facebook "friends" adding to the slander by claiming that someone affiliated with 3ABN is hacking her Facebook and her computer - well, all I can say is - please use some decent anti-virus software because nobody at 3ABN is interested in Linda's computer or any other electronic device of hers.
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