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Forum Rules - Please read before posting

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 11:42 am America/Denver
by Cynthia
Discussion boards by their very nature are subjective and disputes can and will arise constantly about petty and major disagreement. Our rules are very basic. We intend this to be a representative Christian board and our only major rule is the Golden Rule.The guidelines below can and should be considered in this context. While implementation of our rules will undoubtedly be questioned, we will hold fast to that as our guide.

Disagreement, frustration, and even anger are legitimate emotions, hate is NOT. If you want to do Junior High, there are other sites that will meet your needs better than this one

We will not censor members for expressing an opinion or view within the limits of these Rules of Conduct. We will censor disruptive behavior. To maintain a welcoming and safe community, and be sure that everyone feels free to speak, we cannot permit behavior that disrupts conversations and community of our members. 3atalk has the right, but not the obligation, to remove or move any member-generated content for any reason, without notice.

1. Courtesy
You agree that you will be courteous and respectful to other members, even when strongly disagreeing with them, and even to those whose beliefs and views you think are false or objectionable. Ad hominems are subject to edit or removal. Please post about and to others in a way that you yourself would not object to being posted about or to, even if strongly disagreeing with the subject matter or the issue, or what is said about or to you.

2 Disruptive behavior
You agree not to disrupt or interfere with discussions, forums, or other community functions. This includes manipulation of topics; whether by excessive bumping of topics, posting off topic in threads to bury issues under discussion, refusing to answer questions or issues raised, repeating what you have previously posted without addressing the posted questions or concerns that caused, bringing up a pet issue you may have in multiple threads, or carrying disagreements from one topic to multiple topics and threads. These are just a few examples which may be considered disruptive behavior. The Moderation Team reserves the right to collaboratively make a decision when this issue arises.

3. User name
You agree to not register with a lewd, profane or otherwise objectionable or offensive name. You also agree not to impersonate, harass, or spoof members, private individuals, or public figures with your chosen login name.

4. Copyrights and quoted material
You agree to follow copyright laws and fair use standards. Do not plagiarize. You agree to cite any quoted material with a reference or source and when possible provide a link to same.

5. Topics and Thread content
You agree to stay within the topic, and address those issues and questions only, while participating in that thread. When tangential issues or topics arise in the course of a thread, you agree to start a new thread if it is warranted. Topics, which sometimes move to other issues naturally due to ongoing discussion, may be split at the discretion of the Moderation Team. Posts which seem to be deliberately posted off topic to evade, divert from, change the subject, or in order to bury it, will be removed and if necessary, the member may be disciplined.

You agree to report problems or complaints appropriately. If there are problems with a rule violation, post, or administrative action; we want to know about them so that we can fix them. Do not post complaints on this site; they will be removed. The only appropriate way to report complaints and problems is to use the "report this post" link/icon.

Forum Rules & Policy -- Modification

Posted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:17 am America/Denver
by Cynthia
3atalk Forum Admin forum policy change

Originally posted: March 22, 2010
Modified: December 07, 2010

3ABN's defenders have always maintained:

1. That the allegations which have been made against Tommy Shelton have nothing to do with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, or Conference, nor does Tommy Shelton, or any "alleged" victim. None are members of the Adventist Church and no incidents were alleged to have occurred within the organizations properties or jurisdiction.

2. That the allegations against Tommy are not related to 3ABN, even though Pickle, Joy, and crew have made Danny Shelton and 3ABN the subject of libelous attacks due to them.

3. That the allegations against Tommy were not the basis for the lawsuit filed against Pickle and Joy. The complaint 3ABN filed against them and all of 3ABNs filings in court prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt, despite Pickle and Joy's baseless and false claims to the contrary.

Not wanting to confuse readers anymore than 3ABN's accusers already had, we previously did not allow discussion in the 3ABN open discussion forum regarding Tommy Shelton.

Due to the Virginia case, we modified that decision in March of 2010, saying, "Discussion is going to be allowed for now with the understanding that it will be VERY closely monitored."

As of December 07, 2010, a handful of threads have been merged together into ONE Topic. From now on all discussion regarding Tommy, Alex, Dennis, related court cases, their lawyers, Clem, Pickle, Dryden or anything else related to those things will have to be contained within one thread. That thread is here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=312&start=0&sid=97a ... 561fe3e8e2

Any posts or threads, or mention of these issues outside that topic will be removed. --The only exception to this rule is the court documents filed previously in the Massachusetts lawsuit, where Pickle and joy kept trying to add the allegations against Tommy to the case, the court documents from Joy and Pickles Appeal of the dismissal of the Lawsuit against them, and any discussion related to that.--

With that in mind, any member participating in the disccusions needs to choose their words wisely, and be conscious of "How" they express themselves, in addition to "what" they say, and "where" they say it.
. Members can express their opinions, and post what they believe or think, and why, but need to make that distinction. Libelous comments and defamation per se will be immediately deleted. IOW: Be cautious of what you are calling the truth or who or what you are making absolute statements about.