Untrue Accusations

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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Lilly »

BREAKING NEWS from ASI meetings.

Dan Jackson, President of NAD (representing the Conference) did not endorse Linda Shelton or her ministry. If you don't believe it, feel free to contact his office and ask him. You can either write or phone him. He is easy to talk to. He said he would be glad to confirm this as a fact. So for Linda herself to say she was "endorsed" by him was not the truth. If you want to read it, please go here--

http://www.adventtalk.com/forums/index. ... 324.0.html

Message from Linda Shelton

What's new in my life? I just completed a 4 page brochure that Esperanza (the Spanish Television Channel for the Seventh Day Adventist Church) will be using for promotions this summer. Through this venture, I have the privilege of speaking to a lot of Spanish folks because the brochure will be printed in Spanish, as well as English. It is a big WOW that is happening in Esperanza. It is the BIG THING in the SDA Church right now! Nearly 50% of the baptisms happening are with Hispanic people! This people group is ripe for the HARVEST right now. I certainly hope you will consider supporting them!! I may be seeing you at a SDA Camp-meeting this summer as well as I have been asked to represent Esperanza in these pubic arenas too.

Recently the North American Division of Seventh Day Adventists paid to fly me to Silver Springs, Maryland to the General Conference headquarters. (It is an awesome experience everytime I am there!) I met with Elder Jackson, the North American Division President as well as a GC Vice-President. It was an informative meeting for me and them. Although I was not seeking it, I was endowed with NAD Approval as a result of this meeting. This means that the NAD not only recognizes me as a SDA member in good standing, it also means that they recommend and endorse me for ministry within the SDA Church. This is a highly valued recommendation, and it is not given to many people. It's a God-thing!!

Anyway, I am looking forward to great things happening this year, and I hope you are too. At the end of a big season of trials, "Joy comes in the morning!"

Many blessings to you and yours, Linda

Linda Shelton was not hired by the Hope channel (Esperanza). Those who run the Hope channel said they discouraged the idea of hiring her as soon as they heard about it.

It doesn't mean Linda cannot attend the SDA Church. She would be gladly welcomed in any church family I am sure.
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Lilly »

Gailon I'll give you credit for something: You are the biggest blow in the world, not to mention a hypocrite! You're always wanting to expose someone else's sins yet yours are too numerous to count..

Our sources tell us (and so do court documents) that you are:

A. a convicted embezzler!

B. You filed bankruptcy during the lawsuit to leave Mr. Pickle holding the bag. You were making sure that no one could get to you not to mention the fact that you are fiscally irresponsible!

Let me ask you a theological question...Just because the government allows someone like you to cheat the people you owe out of money..do you think God will OK your stealing from them and hiding behind the government? Fact: You had an agreement to pay your debts...You broke the agreements..that is lying...then you never repaid what you took...that is stealing!!! Anyway you cut it, it seems your actions have shown you a thief and a liar!

C. Do you know how laughable it is when you talk about your work as a consultant saying that you are helping people out by saving their mortgages and other such baloney??? And you have lost everything you owned because you can't even take financial care of your own family!

Do you think people are blind to your hypocrosy??

D. Our sources tell us that you are being investigated by the State because of your racket that you have cooked up with a crooked attorney....Do you want to tell us about it? You are always crying about being an open book...well please tell us..we'd like to hear about it.....

E. Our sources also tell us that in about 2007 someone living at your address was a registered sex offender...We're told that only You, your wife at the time, and a son lived there with you????? Do you want to explain...(we know the truth..so we will know if you are lying).

F. And your ridiculous claims about Alex getting seven figures in the lawsuit and negotiations in the mid to high six figures with the insurance companies...Would you like to make a wager? My money says that you are not even in the ballpark!! Oh! I almost forgot: consistant with your bankrupcy, you have no money to wager!

I pity you if you really believe that you are a Christian representing Christ! No wonder there are so few new Christian converts in the world..people like you make a mockery of the word Christian!
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Lilly »

I'm surprised how upset you get when anyone quotes "sources" when they make statements concerning you or something going on in your life. Why? Because you and Bob Pickle, more than anyone I know, LIVE BY SOURCES, when you are trying to defame someone.

Should you be judged by another standard other than "sources"? If so, why? That's how you and Pickle judge people. The bible in Matthew says, "Judge not, that ye be not judged"

I guess your reaction to some statements made concerning "gossip" about you proves that even you don't think it feels so good...And you have the nerve to call it defamation when it comes to talking about the great GJ! No one accused you of anything close to defamation! The bankruptcy statements are facts. The other comments were sources being quoted. Sources don't always add up to truth. No one here on this site has accused you or your son of any sexual crimes. You may or may not have sexual problems. I simply made the statement that this is some gossip floating around. Same with the crooked lawyer deal: This could just be gossip going around or it could be truth. I hope gossip is not against an earthly law as you and Pickle would have gone to prison a long time ago.

There's a point being made that you overlook: You and Pickle are the king(s) of throwing out gossip and wrapping it up in the clothes of creditable "sources" without giving any names to claim ownership of the gossip. This way, you can quote a source and that source could even be yourself?

Gailon, anyone writing on the world wide web can now claim to be a reporter. One gets much more coverage on the www than writing articles for a small town paper.You are the one who claims to be a reporter, suggestion that you are a professional writer, when in fact, we all know you are not paid by anyone to write your gossip columns. You believe your claim to be a reporter gives you an advantage to say just about anything you want, including lies and gossip about people without being held legally responsible.

Let me give you a sample of defamation by the great Gailon Joy. Gailon wrote on AT: ..........."But for the record, I would much prefer to be the hypocrit I am than the hateful, unforgiving, tall tale bearer that you represent. Yes, we did prove that our sources were correct and that we had followed careful documentation; Yes, we proved that DLS was an adulterer.."

Gailon, the above statement is a lie! It plainly is defamation. I'm surprised that the seasoned reporter you claim to be wouldn't be a little more careful in how you word a lie. You say you proved that DS is an adulterer, yet you don't have one witness for proof. If so, where is she? If you had proof that DS was an adulterer you would have spattered it all over AT and who the woman/women were! Where are your interviews with these women? Where are your sworn documented statements by them. You claim to have some legal savvy....So you must know that to get by "my sources" an allegation has no teeth without a sworn statement from a witness(s) You should know that is why attorneys do depositions...to cut through the chase. All of the allegations on AT are just gossip and hearsay and lies...unless documented and proven in a court of law.

Gailon: please show us the careful documentation, sworn witness statements for DS's adultery. This is one of maybe hundreds of statements that you concoct about others and present them as truth.

Accusations do NOT present truth! Potiphers wife accused Joseph....did that make it true...absolutely not! It was just a lie and people were free to believe what they want to believe. Satans greatest attack against God's people are against their character...it appears to many that Satan has used you greatly in many attacks by you starting far back as Ron Spears Colin Standish, A variety Conference leaders, Supporting ministries, SDA Universities and now some of the Unions stance on Women's ordination....

It doesn't go unoticed that when you cannot prove your source that you claim you are protecting them! So that won't hold water this time.

Gailon you and Pickle in recent years have also written all kinds of ungodly/negative comments about SDA church leaders, everyone from Mark F., Dan Jackson, Ken Denzlow and even world President Ted Wilson... Can all of these people be wrong and you and Pickle be the only ones right?

I read your statements to Gregory about true Christians. I am amazed that you can call yourself a true SDA Christian when so much poison can freely flow from your mouth. You try to Bully your way to get others to submit to you. Have you ever gone back and read some of your own threats to people who don't agree with you? Gailon do you think this is the way Jesus responded to those He disagreed with? I'm sorry truth will not compromise to your way of thinking.

And lastly: It seems you would be smarter than to make big predictions with such assurance and continually be proven wrong. The Alex Walker claim that you know nothing about, only hearsay.....whoever told you that the insurance companies are talking settlement in the high six figures and will end paying in the sevens figures?

This confirms how uncreditable your sources are. This kind of info could only come from Alex W. Are you relying on him for telling you the truth? If so, you are either naive, or mentally challenged. Why would you believe a man who's own church fired him as Pastor for stealing and then lying about it. Not to mention he was pastoring a Baptist church as an admitted homosexual? Do you know his own Mother has testified that he is a habitual liar! But I'm sure you know this already about AW, if you are indeed a reporter. Well you say the depositions will tell the story...on this I agree with you!

Gailon, care to drop your predictions by several hundreds of thousands before the case is settled as to try to save a little of your reputation as someone in the "know"?

Pickle: the same goes for you. It's hard to imagine that you are still accusing the IRS of taking "kickbacks" and bribes. It's bad enough that you accuse 3ABN of bribing the IRS with "Kickbacks" but it somehow seems worse that you are accusing the IRS of wrong doing!

Once again you are trying to turn truth into a lie. You know that 3ABN has a letter (it was published) by Jerry Duffy that the IRS has dropped all claims against 3ABN and they gave 3ABN the choice of either having them, the IRS destroy the over 100,000 pages of documents or sending all the documents back to 3ABN. End of story! Do you think Jerry Duffy would still be practicing law if he wrote such a lie against the IRS?

Your trouble is, that you don't understand that most people think rationally!

Pickle: YOU HAVEN'T QUOTED ONE SOURCE for this lie! Could you please show us a sworn statement from someone who has any information about an IRS payment from 3ABN to make the IRS go away? Pickle, could you even quote an undocumented source? Any name would help. Why would anyone not want to go public with such a claim if they are telling the truth?

Walt Thompson will affirm that Jerry Duffy gave 3ABN a written letter explaining that the IRS case was over. No charges were made. No money ever paid to the IRS.

How dare you question 3ABN's attorneys, who would not jepordize their own existence to save 3ABN, when they write a letter for public viewing showing the results of the IRS investigation.

The burden of proof lies square on the shoulder of the accuser! I would say that you are in kind of a "pickle" on this one.

3ABN has made public statments through their attorneys who talked directly with the IRS...You have not quoted one source and have now raised the payment from one million to 3 million!

Pickle you are now claiming that DS filed bankruptcy twice--prove it!
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Lilly »


Are you a Christian or not? It's a simple question that's deserves a simple answer.

A true Christian does not spread hearsay, gossip and RUMORS. Your own words admits this is true.

The word "sources" is a cover you try to hide behind as you spread gossip and rumors in the name of Christianity. It will not fly in heavenly courts.

You are guilty of spreading rumors even according to man's definition of the word. Read it for yourself and see if the shoe fits.


1. A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth.

2. Unverified information received from another; hearsay.

tr.v. ru·mored, ru·mor·ing, ru·mors
To spread or tell by rumor.


[Middle English rumour, from Old French, from Latin rmor.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

ThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms



rumor - gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth
hearsay, rumour

scuttlebutt, gossip, comment - a report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people; "the divorce caused much gossip"


Bob, please repent before it is too late. Gailon this request is for you also. Actions speak louder than words. You have both shown that you will not stop at any hearsay, lie, gossip or rumor to try to bring down DS and 3ABN. After 8 yrs do you still think this tactic will work for your evil surmisings?

Bob, you say you have the Remnant records showing "kickbacks" to DS...Just to be clear...are you saying that DS and Remnant had something illegal going on that the IRS wasn't smart enough to find it? If what you call a kickback is not illegal, why do you harp about if year after year? I happened to know that what you are referring to as a kickback, was nothing more than a legitimate business arrangement in full compliance with IRS standards. You know the truth about that too.

Bob, speaking of cover ups.... Is there anything you would like to talk about or shall we wait for it to go public? Or...would you rather me share it for you with all the facts at an appropiate time?
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Lilly »


Are you sure you really want to say:

"THE ENTIRE ENTITY IS A LIVING LIE!!! From inception to this date...they do not represent the Three Angels Messages" as they have exhibited in their lives that they seriously believe:

Gailon, it sounds like you are totally out of control! I would think an experienced Christian such as you would be wiser than to throw out a blanket statement about 3ABN like the one above. What's the old saying about not throwing the baby out with the bath water? This speaks volumes about where you are after years of working against God and His 3ABN ministry....It appears you are miserable, frustrated, unhappy, penniless and judgemental...Yet still trying to carry a mantel of being "someone of importance" that people will respect and listen to....This really is sad that Satan could deceive you into believing that your unchristian actions are "Godly" and that people will respect you as a fellow Christian.

I would like to ask you a question....Can you name anyone in real life that knows you who respects you as a man of God and who is asking your advice in spiritual matters (including your family). You see Gailon information flows both ways... The internet seems to be the place where you can blow off steam, threaten, bully, judge and be the defender of the cause (whatever that may be)...all in the name of Christianity... and be encouraged by a small group of SDA haters. Who on the Internet even supports you? Let's just name a few.

There's Alex: Alex is an admitted homosexual living with a homosexual lover. He admits that he had a lover while pastoring a Baptist Church. Alex has been in a number of lawsuits claiming that the employees have either victimized him or discriminated against homosexuals. His own Mother, in writing, says that he is an habitual liar. And I'm pretty sure you are aware of accusations against Alex as a molestor himself...If not, you may soon find out. (Pickle knows) Yet you Gailon jump to his side to "defend" him...why? You think it is a way of getting "even" with 3ABN..right?

One of your big supporters is Duane Clem. Did you know Duane makes open fun of SDA doctrines such as the Sabbath? He also calls Ellen White a false prophet. if you don't believe it ask him. I'd like to hear DClems stance on SDA beliefs.

Everyone of the handful of followers on AT are either non SDA's with a grudge against SDA's or former SDA's with a grudge against the church or are liberal SDA's who believe it is not only ok to consume alcohol but encourages his 18 yr old daughter to try alcohol.

Gailon you are championing the cause of enemy's of the SDA church..am I right? Either wittingly or unwittingly you are being used by people who laugh at you behind your back and hate what you claim you stand for...then cheer you on at AT...!

You may not even be a member in good standing in the SDA church...if you are why won't you tell us which church you are a member of? We've asked before and you've yet to answer...somehow in your ranting and ravings you are more interested in delving into other peoples personal lives than being an open book and exposing your own problems. Please answer about your marriage mishaps.. where is your wife/ex/enstranged whatever? Would you mind if we interviewed her and some other family and former friends of yours (as you love to do to other people) ? Again we ask: What church do you belong to? Are you really a member of the SDA church in good standing???

I could name more at AT and what we know about their hypocrosy's but it would be a waste of time. Getting back on track now.....

When anyone places themselves against the bible by becoming judge, jury and executioner, they do so without God's protection. And without God's protection, anyone can end up in a bad place..it really is sad. I'm sad for you..I mean it, I'm very sincere.

For a while most people can always fool some of the people, but in the end they always get exposed...I would say you are so battle weary and have let your real guard down to let people see your real thoughts and motives...Why do I think this? Gailon the above statement you made about 3ABN as an entire entity being a lie from the inception is possibly the most unguarded, most incorrect thing you have ever said...How do I know? All you have to do is visit churches all around the world who have members who came to the Lord and joined the SDA church totally because of 3ABN! This is irrefutable! You know this is true. Thousands, yes many thousands are joining SDA ranks around the world because of 3ABN.

Ted Wilson has thrown his support of 3ABN along with Dan Jackson from N American, Union Presidents like Max Trevino, Conference Presidents and former Conference Presidents like Ken Denzlow and Pastors around the world.

If 3ABN was a lie from the beginning not one soul would be brought to Christ from it's ministry! Right! Yet, people around the world every month write to 3ABN about their life changing experiences with Jesus Christ because of the ministry of 3ABN led and founded by Danny Shelton for nearly 28 yrs!

If what you say is true...then Jim Gilley, Mollie, Shelley, CA Murray, Pastor Lomacang, Pastor John Denzy, Dr. Yvonne Lewis, Mose Primo, Dr. Julia Outikina from Russia, and many more are all of the Devil! They are all part of this big lie from it's inception! And what's even worse for you Gailon is that your beloved Linda is also of the devil because she was with and supported 3ABN for nearly 20 years until she was removed after having an affair.

I wonder what the thousands of Russian men, women and children, for example, who have come to the saving knowledge of Christ because of the commitment of DS and 3ABN, would say when told that their real life changing experiences from Atheist to Christianity was all a lie (according to Gailon Joy). They could not have possibly found Jesus because the: THE ENTIRE ENTITY IS A LIVING LIE!!! From inception to this date....

Gailon, it would have been much smarter (more deceiving), however one wants to look at it....to wage your war against DS, or some of it's leaders, than to show your true colors with such an evil inspired statement as the one above. At least your mask has been removed for all to see, and now people are left to their own conclusions.

Who do we join hands with? Do we believe that Gailon Joy who spends his life trying to destroy those in the full time work of the Gospel....is doing the work of the Lord....Or could it be that DS and 3ABN workers carrying the Gospel 24/7 around the world is doing the work of the Lord....They are obviously on opposite sides in the spiritual warfare...

For me the answer is simple: The Bible says, "by their fruits you shall know them". 3ABN has thousands upon thousands of "good fruit" attending SDA churches around the world every Sabbath! Praise God!

Gailon, please humble yourself before God and ask Jesus into your heart..when you allow Him to be Lord of your life you will find a great inner peace that you are now missing. All the hateful writings, rantings and ravings, judging others, will all cease and you will find great peace and enjoyment in Jesus. It's not too late!
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Re: Untrue Accusations

Post by Lilly »

Bob, It’s a shame that it appears you have studied the life of Danny Shelton much more than the
life of Jesus Christ in the last 12 years! What a shame and a waste of your own life. If you had
studied the life of Jesus and His Word you would still not be trying so hard to destroy someone
else’s character !!

Would you mind telling me what you think you have accomplished as far as your original goal of
inserting yourself into Danny and Linda’s lives? We know your original goal was to destroy
Danny’s character and try to have him removed from 3ABN so that Linda could come back, with her Dr.
Boyfriend and take over the ministry of 3ABN. Has that happened 12 years later? No, of course
not as God did not permit that to happen, as it obviously was not His will !!

If you and Linda were right in accusing Danny of all sorts of evil doings, why hasn't God removed
him by now. I can almost see the scenario should the Lord tarry. Eventually should Danny step
down from 3ABN, even though he might be 75 or 85 years old, or should he die between now
and then, I will predict (if you are still alive) that you will start a thread saying that God has
punished Danny for his supposed evil doings against Linda!! (Never mind that another life time has

It’s hard to imagine that when it is announced that Danny has vocal cord surgery that you want
to insert yourself into something once again that you obviously know nothing about and go
public with your ignorant comments! !

Then you try to give as evidence that something suspicious is going on by quoting “a friend”! Bob is
this a make believe friend as you do not even tell us who this friend is? Do you have any idea
how either stupid, or consumed with jealously this makes you look or how these kinds of threads
show your heart has never repented of your evil lies and accusations against Danny and 3ABN !!

What exactly are you trying to accomplish by dedicating a thread to what “your friend” said
about whether Danny had surgery and how long it should take him to heal? I assume your friend
is some kind of medium who you think has all the answers and can see the future !!

If you are not even sure that he had surgery, then why don’t you start another one of your so-called
investigations? As always you don’t have to let the truth stand in the way of your lies !!

Bob, I have a “friend” who told me that you are a constant gossip, a liar and that you are not
really a Christian and that you have put your whole family through a living hell because of how
consumed you are with hate for Danny, who you don’t even know personally! Should I start a thread
and ask other peoples comments about this? Would this be the Christian thing to do?! !

I have never seen anyone so infatuated with another individual as you are with Danny Shelton.

Bob is there something you want to tell us? !!!!!!
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