GYC Meetings

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GYC Meetings

Postby Truth » Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:47 am America/Denver

These meetings are being broadcast on 3ABN right now. I saw Danny Shelton come on and welcome everyone to these "live" services just before Elder Ted Wilson began his sermon. Danny said not only was 3ABN broadcasting this but also the Hope channel and expressed how nice it was to work together to finish this work.

Elder Wilson has challenged the young people to work for the Lord--to support the Church in this work and to do all they could for Jesus. He said God wants to see a generation of YOUTH for Christ. An excellent sermon again by Elder Wilson. May God protect him and bless him as leader in our church.

Go forward in faith, never turning back. Develop the character of Jesus by turning your back on self and lean on Jesus. Service to others in outreach work. Be faithful no matter what. He had an appeal at the end of his sermon and many young people committed their lives to Jesus.

We long for Jesus to come. This world holds no attractions for me. How is it between you and God? Is your life straight with Him? God is calling you to make the personal sacrifice to work for Him to hasten His coming.

Lord Jesus Come Quickly.

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